Hmong News : 122 Hmong children left behind Dream "micro-aspiration"

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122 Hmong children left behind Dream  micro-aspiration

"A month ago, I promised a wanted some black pen 'wish', my wish has come true today, and I also received a bag, a learning tool and some household items, has an older brother also free to I haircut. "May 28, in the Communist Youth League Changning County Changning County spearheaded care of children left behind" Youth Call · accompanied children line "Dream micro aspiration event, Hmong children left behind a 9-year-old holding his full" wish "he said gratefully.

At the end of the first stage of the county's children left behind in the field investigations and collect the second phase of the micro-aspiration, the Changning tea-young left-behind children care activities into the third stage - "Dream micro wish." Caring people and volunteers from different fields of Mengtong mayor mountain, more play Hom Township watt 122 Hmong children left behind Dream "micro-wish", and sent before Children's Day gift.

"Bypass more Hom fight between tile and Mengtong Changshan mountains and rivers, after three or four hours of bumpy, we finally catch up before the '61' Children's Day, the children's wishes scheduled service, Although it is hard, even in the face muddy mountain road with everyone down the cart, but it's worth. "County deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Chang Yu Jing said," Start doing 'micro-aspiration' activities, when we are worried about nobody to help children They achieve the aspirations not before '61' Children's Day is to achieve the aspirations of the children. After the adoption of the children of 'micro-aspiration' in the micro channel and circle of friends was sent out, a lot of caring people to our office in person or by telephone come consulting, unclaimed, buy some gifts directly to the group the county office, and even the names are unwilling to disclose, on the left. "

"Micro-wish" claimed process, many caring people in addition to the children's wish claimed, but also bought some more life, school supplies. "I was born in a poor family children, I do not want children in school age, to consider the issue of life, never made enough money, whatever I want to give my kids some help." A reluctant caring people claim anonymity in phone "micro aspiration" is felt, he said.

As a small volunteer, a student demonstration in Changning first 11 weeks of age situ determination of primary school also participated in the "micro wish" Dreams activities. She said: "Today, after so much mountain, finally saw my little partner, gave her the gift personally, I think the children here very hard, although I am all the way to motion sickness, but that day my life is the most important class. "

"I have not seen a birthday cake, and today finally eat, and good to eat." A 10-year-old girl choked, after finished singing the birthday song to the children when the cake, everyone cried. When "micro-wish" issuance, many children get their presents, his face covered with a smile, happy like a free-flying birds, especially collective birthday, let them live a birthday for the first time, eat a birthday cake. The significance of collective birthday, Yu Jing said: "For many children, they do not know his birthday, we do not know their birthdays, and today the kids had a collective birthday in the hope that they perfectly healthy growth , the promise of longer-term aspirations can be realized, and hope they can have a grateful heart. "

In the left-behind children, some children are prisoners, they do not know their parents gone, young parents do not know their own ignorance, could not resist the temptation, headed in the wrong crime, resulting in a helpless children and senior citizens the status quo. In the "Youth Call · accompanied children line" care of children left behind "micro-aspiration" activities, such as children, the greatest wish is to see Mom and Dad, Mom and Dad want to talk to. With the help of Baoshan City Intermediate People's Court, the child part of the inmates through the video to see the father. "This is the first time I saw my father, gift I most want is my father." A 7-year-old girl seen in the video after the father cried, she more than three months, his father was sentenced to free period, the father is a vague concept for her, she also had a brother, after his mother remarried, the only brother and sister and 70-year-old grandma.

"Micro-wish" the implementation process, the relevant units were received and caring people donated a total value of 8.6 million yuan, of which the children donated schoolbags, dictionaries, rice, oil, rice cookers, clothes, shoes, blankets, soap other learning and living supplies worth 500 million yuan; to school donated computers, mobile phones, basketball, badminton, bags and other goods worth 3.6 million yuan.

Baoshan Daily (Yang Qingling Wang Donghua)
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