Hmong News : Children 11 years old Hmong girl first sugar Video

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Children 11 years old Hmong girl first sugar Video

A 6-year-old girl had just been rescued because they do not know, "banana" is what, Jingmei peeling gnaw, other children were rescued along with her also followed this to eat. Group of kids do not even know, "sweet" What's that smell. - - 2014 Nobel peace prize winner Kailash Satie Yar

According to Voices Online - SanXiang May 31 reported May 30 to June 1, the Hunan Youth Activity Center held a "Happy Childhood - wonderful unlimited" as the theme of the Sixth Hunan Children's Day Activities Experiential .

May 30 morning, co-sponsored by the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Provincial Working Committee, Hunan Youth Activity Center, SanXiang, Voices Online, jointly sponsored the Sixth Hunan Children's experiential official curtain, the day attracted nearly ten thousand children and parents come.

Reporters on the scene saw the wonderful theatrical performances demonstrated in Hunan red scarf troupe of contemporary children's spirit; amusing adventure maze, live flight chess attracted a large number of children; rope skipping, shuttlecock, grab sandbags, hopscotch, cassette machine, turn the rope these parents childhood classic game, but also to children and parents having all the fun.

The event is not only the city's children at play, the youth activity center specially from far and Shaoyang city step Miao Autonomous County received a 100 village children come to Changsha, Changsha holidays with children. Director of Hunan Provincial Committee of Communist Youth League Working Committee, the provincial Liaoliang Hui, director of the event, Zhang Jianjun, deputy director of the Provincial Working Committee also presented a holiday gift for them.

Zhang Jianjun said that urban and rural areas is a priority activity hand in hand juvenile welfare activities of the youth activity centers this year have been held for three. "Rural children difficult conditions, mostly for the first time in Changsha, so that they can feel the appearance of the city, to see the world more beautiful I think is very important." ■ reporter Peng satisfying


Maibing Gun stalls bursting with popularity

In many parent-child flea market stalls, there is a booth particularly conspicuous, it uses two sheets of kraft paper made posters, fat stall has been accompanied by a mini-megaphone shouting so awkward.

Stall is 11-year-old Yu Shanglin, from Green Park Primary School, the Children's Day he experiential and small partners signed up, want out of a unique idea - Maibing Gun. "Yesterday, our school also organized a similar event, I bought a $ 80 popsicles to sell, the result could not bear the 'friendship offensive', sold only $ 13, this child did not fishing it back. Today, I borrowed money from my mother to buy the 122 yuan popsicles, but also set a good strategy will take this money back to my mother. "Yushang Lin shook a small fist excitedly.

"The first subway a little dizzy."

Yinping Na, Liu Xiaoying, Zhang Changli 11 years old, all the children from the city step Miao Autonomous County of central schools five groups. "We sat more than eight hours before the bus to Changsha, the first time in Changsha."

Yin Pingna home in a small village, away from the town there are three hours away. "The home is too far, usually I live on campus, because more than one hour to walk to school yet."

When to Orange Isle, the first time they take the subway. Liu Xiaoying said shyly: "I have never taken the subway, high-speed rail, subway train just sat general too fast, and I was a little motion sickness.."

In the parent-child flea market, the first time they eat sugar painting and ice cream. Looking for sugar rabbit painting master, Zhang Changli very happy. "We are there no sugar painting, this is the first time to eat! Ice cream did not, only ordinary Popsicle."


The province's primary and secondary schools to fight the robot manipulator

Voices Online - SanXiang May 31 hearing on May 30, school robot competition in Changsha, Hunan Province, the twelfth 周南梅 chihu Secondary School, from the province's nine cities and prefectures, 201 teams, 387 players to participate in the fierce competition to show ingenuity and prowess.

In the game, one quirky robot models made at the venue constantly rolling, handling, extract such action, these robots although in different styles, but all actions dexterity, quick response, it is hard to imagine that it comes from the students hand. This robot contest with a total of firefighting robots, robot soccer, basketball robot, humanoid robot Challenge all-around eight major projects. Competition in the selection of the first team of each group will represent the project in Hunan Province to participate in the national competition.

■ correspondent reporter He Weiling Liu Xuan

Grandpa had promised: Do not smoke

Voices Online - SanXiang May 31 hearing is June 1 Children's Day, May 31 is World No Tobacco Day. Today, the national model worker, Yueyang City Volunteer Association is responsible 李国武 smoking came to the village of Yueyang Linxiang Longyuan Division yanglousi town, launched a campaign on the theme "Children's Day gift grandfather gave grandson - never smoke in the future undertaking "activities.

Scene, witnessed by more than 100 villagers, six "grandfather" smokers with a grandson, granddaughter, solemnly signed "in the future will never smoke," an undertaking to quit and receive prizes: a value of one thousand TV machine.

"Left-behind children in rural areas and more, resistance is weak, vulnerable to secondhand smoke infringement." Longyuan village branch secretary Panmei Fang told reporters, "activity screened six representative villagers to participate, I hope to be a model village.

■ reporters at Zhenyu

"Great coffee folk show" "June" free look

Voices Online - SanXiang May 31 hearing to usher in the "61" International Children's Day, from May 30 to June 1 (morning 10: 00-11: 30 am, 2: 30-4: 00), Orange Island Folk Culture Park hold "love children, folk art heritage" as the theme of thousands of people performing folk art large coffee can watch for free.

In the "61" Children these days, in addition to folk performances, event organizers also specifically increased the children's play areas, such as children's volleyball match, blowing balloon race, children's balloons double top, leggings, walking and so on. ■ reporter Chen Yue-hong


The world's 250 million children are at risk of school

● Currently, about one billion people worldwide still live below the poverty line, of which about half are young people under 18 years of age.

● In children under five died, about half of them died of severe malnutrition.

● Global There are about 161 million children under 5 years old have stunted problem.

● children because the current global poverty, war and other reasons without schools has more than 60 million people, in addition to about 2.5 million children out of school is facing danger.

■ According to Xinhua News Agency


Tiger small elite over the "weapon addiction"

May 30, more than 200 "juvenile Changsha Force" small players into the Changsha Municipal People's Police School in Changsha police camps where celebrate "June." Small players up close to 64 type, 77 pistols, anti-riot guns, assault rifles and other firearms for police use, want Falls. Under the guidance of the policeman, and they swing a variety of cool shape, do not forget the pictures of the occasion. They are the "June" really Hey doubled.

■ reporter Yang Yu Yi correspondent hole

Public Little Angel

Sympathy into an addiction treatment center

At 10:00 on May 30 and more, accompanied by parents, and 20 different primary schools from Changsha "public little angel" arrived in Changsha City anti-drug education base, to visit and study drug knowledge. Then everyone came Lituo compulsory detoxification. Inside the centers, "Little Angels" for the drug addicts who live performances program and encourage Message written books donated to the strong ring the minor students hope they will soon return to normal life track.

According to police reports, the organization of such events is to provide our young people with a clear understanding of the dangers of drugs.

■ reporter Yang Yu
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