Hmong News : Pengshui County builds largest Hmong resort complex

中国宁波网  |   2015-05-28 10:30
Pengshui County builds largest Hmong resort complex

With its completion, the Hmong resort will have three of the world's largest Hmong cultural complex and will slowly reveal its mysterious veil. The resort is designed to have an authentic feel and will host the annual “Jiu Chi” ritual ceremony. "Jiu Chi" is the earliest ancestors of the Hmong, Chi is the leader of the Jiu li tribal alliance.

In 1992, historians defined the "three ancestral culture", the Chi, Yu and Yan Di when the Yellow Emperor placed them on the same temple.

As Chongqing's only main ethnic minority Fengshui County, Pengshui build a city for the Chi - Chi Jiu city to hold the Hmong millennium dream.

Chi Jiu City is located in Pengshui County where Shao Qing Street and Water Street Pavilion dam join. This is across the east mountains to the old town pengshui under construction. The total area of ​​the resort is 10,000 acres construction.

"We are open to the public. The entire project is divided into different core areas of ​​tourism, a tourism service area and three recreation areas​​, all consists of more than 40 buildings total on a single landscape." According to the Industry Development Co., Ltd. pengshui Leader presentation, the core tourism areas are subdivided into a logo gatehouse, nine doors, Jiu Gong, Jiu tribes, the Big Dipper God drum booth, Miao palace, Chi Temple, Yu palace and other entertainment areas including Jiu Cultural Square, theater and so on. There will be three main buildings on the Hmong resort. A general column building, a nine doors building, and Solitaire Church.

Every year on May 11, Chongqing Pengshui County Miao Hmong villagers are dressed in costumes in the ”Agriculture” ceremony to pay homage to the ancestors of the Hmong hero Chi. Ceremony rituals begin with playing Huolian and taking fire and incense candle to burn paper money, and playing Lusheng Mans tube. Next, Priests chant offering words for about half an hour, during which wine is being consumed and scattered for sacrifices nine times. Other ritual activities include Lusheng Man playing drums and cow slaughters for sacrificial offerings to the people.

With the completion of Hmong resort, the “Agriculture" ceremony will be turned into "Chi ceremony". The plan is eventually the ”Chi ceremony" will gradually expand the scale and act as a thousand memorial services, thereby leveling Hmong culture the truth.

According to the person in charge Pengshui County, the county tourism accommodation exceeded 10 million tourists in 2014 exceeded 10 and generating a tourism revenue of 33.5 billion yuan. According to county leaders, 22.3 million annual tourists is forecasted by 2020 with 8.7 billion yuan in revenue.

"Guizhou, Hunan, compared to our relatively small Hmong population, our cultural resources does not have the size advantage, but we have our own unique characteristics." Pengshui county leaders say, on the one hand Pengshui Hmong tourists don’t have to go far out of the province to get an authentic Hmong cultural feast. See source for additional pictures.
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