Hmong News : April eight Hmong girl wants you to play the best

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April eight Hmong girl wants you to play the best

2015 China Suining Hmong girl April eight national sports festival in the county Center. Tourists from across the country gathered together with the local Hmong compatriots to celebrate the traditional festival of Miao.

Suining county party secretary Tang Yuan said at the opening ceremony, April eight girls section had been successfully held in Suining County 19th, it became the border of Hunan, Guangxi and Guizhou Ethnic Folk Culture in a shiny brand. April eight year girl Festival "magical oasis, beautiful girl" as the theme, through similar festival girl, girl flowers festival, happy girl three plates section, through festivals, cultural forums, folk event features performances and "the most beautiful Miao girl "contest and other activities, the concentrated expression of Miao girls beauty and virtue, showcasing local culture, thick and wonderful, magical landscape Suining focus and feel beautiful.

Held a "Hunan beautiful family" and "the most beautiful Miao girl" award ceremony opening ceremony. Subsequently, passion staged by the "Impression April eight, Miao beautiful, earth song" consisting of three plates ethnic style performances.

Program, Huangsang natural scenery and the ancient fort of people sing "Huangsang girl" video, the main venue of the big screen to play and interact with famous musicians Jubilee concert scene, creating the effect Taking a duet; exit auspices Man goes into the Gorge Garden Court Miao, Miao distance feel the festive atmosphere during the festival and holidays girl way, transmitted to the audience through the main venue for the big screen.

End of the program, the main venue and the venue of the masses of all ethnic groups in the three places, led by Jubilee April eight girls sing steadily song "Huangsang girl."

On that day, the Chinese historical and cultural city town walled town, Gorge big Yuen Chinese historical and cultural village and Huangsang the fort, tens of thousands of Hmong costumes, singing and dancing compatriot, Hmong girls to all guests Sincerely cup cup of wine, with an annual tradition to celebrate this festival.

Dayuan ancient Miao folk customs body concept held activities, including wine bar, sing songs, play the suona, put the iron gun, a hundred people playing Ciba, Vaccinium making competition, Nuo stunts, catch fish game, Miao Wife, Bucket tall horse, Miao embroidered insert, grass dragon dance, jump blooms blooms hang like.

Walled City, the ancient town held a traditional craft experience activities, including the blacksmith's shop, jewelry shop, antique shop, carving shop, a small shop selling, snack shop, and display ancient town craft and tea, tea jelly beans, meat dumplings, black rice and other traditional food tasting .

Fort ancient Miao and Dong held a Wedding experience activities, including the Dong wine bar, blowing Lusheng, welcoming song and so on. Yellow mulberry village, thousands of tourists and local Hmong compatriots will join the evening campfire, Nuo dance carnival.

In addition, Suining County deputy secretary of the county Luo Yumei told reporters that the county during the event will be held in Hunan Business Industrial Park Project signing ceremony, Chinese Culture (Suining) Forum, April eight Hmong girl network steadily song collection activities, Song of the Night mountain activities. (Yellow grain millet Xiao Ao)

News Links: Hmong girl festival April 8, according to legend is to commemorate the Song Bisan Cave heroine Yang Li inherited from the mother and ethnic festivals, popular mainly in Hunan, Guangxi, Guizhou Miao side enclave centered in Suining, is Miao women unique festival. Every lunar Chuba, each to be invited to a married girl back to her parents, brothers and parents have to give the girl gifts, the girls returned to her family, to eat black rice, singing folk songs, than female red, singing and dancing, to celebrate the holiday. In 2008, the Suining Miao "April eight girl's Day" was included in the national intangible cultural heritage. Today, the traditional ethnic festivals is the transition to set culture, tourism, commerce and trade in an integrated holiday.
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