Hmong News : Suining County Hmong girls festival to celebrate the imminent opening

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Suining County Hmong girls festival to celebrate the imminent opening

Drum sing Red Net Suining station May 11 (correspondent Wang Weiqi Zhao Guangming) "Huangsang girl, took my hand, prompting the princes lust not free ......" May 10, Suining County, Huang Ping Sang Miao village Fort ancient people sing "Huangsang girl" activities rehearsal singing loud, crowded, visitors who come here to play ahead of April eight felt the Suining County Hmong girl festival fiery atmosphere.

2015 China Suining April eight Hmong girl festival opening ceremony program has been finalized, divided into "impressions April eight, Miao United States, the land of song" three major sections. In recent days, more than a thousand cast and crew worked tirelessly to step up their commitment to the exercise program. April eight girl Festival opening ceremony in Suining county Huangsang the main venue and the ancient fort, Gorge Garden Court two venues simultaneously. In addition to the main venue of the county at the opening ceremony, will be held the awards ceremony the most beautiful Miao girls carry large ethnic theatrical performances; Fort Wedding venue major national exhibitions held; Gorge venue will guide the guests and tourists into the Miao, Miao jump blooms during the experience, do black rice, cake and other girl playing festival festive atmosphere and holiday customs. End of the program, the main venue and the venue of the masses of all ethnic groups in the three well-known musicians, led by Jubilee April eight girls sing steadily song "Huangsang girl."

Opening Ceremony program director Chou Ronghua said: "The first chapter is talking about is how an origin of April eight, April eight is how a scene celebrating the second chapter is mainly about Miao US, we speak Hmong. customs ah, tell us Miao girls love, ah, etc. The final chapter is the land of song, song of the earth a beginning, we have 60 man, show us the Hmong cymbal dance mat games. Then, come This year in April eight will sing the song "Huangsang girl." table will have two hundred people with dance, as well as more than two hundred performances with the umbrella A warm atmosphere, adding this time we shoot fort ancient people on the background of the chorus, the kind of passion we put Miao scene unfolded all, the end of the warm sound of this! "

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